Translation & Localization

All our translation services are performed by professional translators who are experts in their field and natives in their target language. We take pride in our personalized service. As we translate content for each client, we develop a unique glossary for them that ensures consistency throughout their materials. Our translators also work with CAT software that ‘remembers’ the translated content so future updates are easy. Our privacy and confidentiality standards ensure all our clients’ material and projects remain confidential.

Why Leap is Different:

1. Bilingualism does not a guarantee a good-quality translation

Professional translators are writers, capable of producing texts that read well in the target language. They are also fluent in their source language, acting as effective bridges between the languages they work in. A good translation can convey the message of the original text with the right style and terminology, in their native language.

Bilingualism is something different. Bilinguals speak two languages fluently but are not necessarily good at moving information between the two, especially in writing. Experience shows that many people described as bilingual overestimate their communication skills altogether and the original message gets ‘lost in translation.’

2. Why Choose a Translator who is an Expert on the Subject:

Translators should not be learning the subject at your expense; they should be at home with the subjects they translate. A good translator speaks your readers’ language, is able to put him or herself in the readers’ shoes and can zero-in on sending a clear message. The language must be concrete and specific. Good translators are also familiar with the way things are called in their target audience’s environment. If the employees do not understand what they read, what’s the point of having it translated?

3. Embracing diversity: Why a good translation goes SO much further

When an employee receives good quality training materials in their native language, they feel appreciated. They know that the company cares about them and this makes them loyal to that company. As a result: Turnover goes down.

This internal satisfaction cycle has a major impact on the company as a whole, and it makes the investment on proper translations a necessity; a small investment when you look at the big impact it has on profitability, employee turnover, and overall customer satisfaction.

Some of our services include:

  • Employee Training Materials (printed/e-training)
  • Employee Guides, Handbooks, and Job Aids
  • Corporate Communications and Marketing
  • HR Documents, Payroll Forms and Instructions
  • Industry Compliance Programs: Responsible Alcohol Service, ServeSafe, etc.
  • Equipment Maintenance Manuals
  • Transcription of Audio (focus groups, meetings)
  • Live Interpreting (consecutive/simultaneous)