Translation: How much does it really cost?

Taking the time to choose the right provider can actually save you $$

The short answer is: It depends! Translation prices vary widely ($0.55 for technical and Asian languages to $0.10 for a semi-custom, machine produced translation). While high prices do not necessarily guarantee superior quality, it is safe to say that, below a certain price level, you’re unlikely to receive a text that does credit to your company and its products. Plainly said: if your translators are netting little more than your gardener/lawn-mower, they’re unlikely to be dedicating your business the attention it deserves.

Think about it for a moment. How many pages can a translator produce in an hour? How much time do you expect him or her to spend crafting the text that will promote your product or service? (How much time did your team spend producing the original?). Once again, the answer is: It depends. Obviously, technical content will require a higher level of expertise, proficiency, and knowledge of the subject. But that aside, the skill of writing in a language we all understand and, what’s more, that YOUR specific audience will understand clearly will ultimately be what sets you apart from the competition.

When choosing a translation provider, think about how much you’ve spent to develop the product or services you want to promote. Then why not dedicate the same level of commitment to train your workforce? In my more than thirteen years in the language business, I’ve learned that employees learn best in their native language, even if they’re proficient in English. If they learn your company’s core values and products well, they will sell them well and do their job well. And, in the end, it is that passion and commitment to the brand what will make your customers remember your brand over so many others.

The added value that a professional translation business offers (translator selection, industry knowledge, custom project management, quality control, customer dedication, etc.) does have a price tag, but it can also save you hours of work while giving you peace of mind and saving you money because you’ve done it right the first time.

By Julieta G. Querol, Owner of Leap Translations